The Framework for my pursuit of being GOSPELed - for re-centering all of life and being to the reality of Jesus Christ - is holistic. It involves Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul.

Target: MBHS Jesus Movement

I desire to see myself and others Re-Center all of life (Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul) around Jesus.

MIND = Worldview. I want to see the world through Gospel DNA.
BODY = Lifestyle. I want to live out Gospel Rhythms.
HEART = Relationships. I want to live in Gospel Community.
SOUL = Identity. I want to embrace Gospel Power and Purpose.

Process: MBHS Rhythms

I desire to be active and engaged everyday in MBHS Gospel Rhythms.

MIND = Awakening. I explore the DNA of Gospel, Discipleship, Mission, and Church.
BODY = Participating. I Eat, Bless, Celebrate, Listen, Re-Create, and Story with others.
HEART = Connecting. I pursue Gospel Re-Centering by sharing life together in Gospel Community,
SOUL = Communing. I cultivate my connection to God through the Spirit.

Assessment & Initiative: MBHS Centric

I regularly evaluate and calibrate my discipleship through the MBHS framework.

MBHS Project (Seasonal) - Big Picture intentions, goals, strategies, and action steps.
MBHS Checkpoint (Weekly) - Review rhythms and set clear actions and goals for the week.
MBHS Journal (Daily) - A snapshot of good, bad, and ugly.
MBHS Solo (Monthly) - A personal day retreat to review the Big Picture and make course corrections.

Synergy & Support: MBHS Partners

I invite and involve others in my pursuit of MBHS gospel re-centering.